Healthy Snack ideas for busy mums

I am a self confessed snacker and if I am not careful about what types of snack foods I have prepared in the house my passion for snacking can result in the demise of my diet. For this reason I like to have plenty of healthy options within reach to ensure the biscuit tin remains unscathed and I don’t find myself in a chocolate induced sugar coma! The following are just some ideas of healthy snack options that I like to eat.

Fresh/Dried Fruit: Fruit is a great snack option rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Also a good snack for the littles, I have just began weaning my son and will often let him try fresh fruit when I am eating it (he is very partial to peach!) The only downside to fruit is that it is high in natural sugars. I would also recommend weighing out dried fruit into portion sizes (around 80g) because it is very easy to overeat and although it is healthy it is still fairly high in calories.

Hard Boiled eggs: Not the most sociable snack unfortunately but eggs are packed with protein and contain vitamins A,D,E and K. Also depending on the chickens diet (check box) some eggs contain Omega 3. Eggs also contain Amino acids essential for muscle repair. Granted they are a bit of a smelly snack but at only around 155 calories per egg who cares!

Hummus and Vegetable sticks: Hummus is made from chickpeas and is rich in protein, fibre and contains iron and B vitamins. You can get different flavours of Hummus aswell and it’s great with carrot or cucumber sticks or with Ryvita.

Chicken Breast: I always have cooked, skinless chicken breasts in the fridge. I tend to buy a big bag of them that you can cook from frozen, then season them with either salt and black pepper, garlic or the Nandos seasoning. They are great as a high protein snack just on their own or if I haven’t meal prepped I know I can always use them to make a healthy lunch or dinner with salad or steamed veggies.

Peanut Butter: Probably in my top five favourite foods, peanut butter is great on sliced apple or on wholemeal toast…or just on it’s own by the spoonful…ahem. I always buy peanut butter made from 100% peanuts, no added salt or sugar. It contains Potassium, protein, fibre and healthy fats. Obviously peanut butter is very high in calories so do watch portion sizes…not that I always follow that advice!

Mixed Nuts: Nuts, preferably unsalted, contain unsaturated ‘good’ fats, Omega 3 and various vitamins including vitamin E. Again they are high in calories so I weigh out portion sizes.

Yoghurt: Low fat Greek Yoghurt (the fage 0% Total yoghurt is my favourite) is high in protein and calcium. Other high protein, dairy based snacks include cottage cheese and Quark. All of which can be eaten with fruit and crushed nuts. Unfortunately due to me breastfeeding and my son having a cows milk protein intolerance I can not longer enjoy these as snacks but they are great. Greek yoghurt with fruit is also a good dessert option aswell.

Beef Jerky: Bit of a love or hate snack here (I love it) beef jerky when it doesn’t have too much added sugar in the seasoning is a good low calorie, high protein snack. The Men’s health variety and the Billtong are my favourites.

Protein Bars: These can be full of unhealthy ingredients like artificial flavours and sweeteners so you have to be careful which ones you choose. Because I do not eat dairy I cannot have protein bars that contain whey so I mainly go for vegan options. The Pulsin Protein bars are one of my favourites, the chocolate orange flavour in particular. Each 50g bar contains 12g of protein and is all natural ingredients. They are a bit of a higher calorie option at 238kcals per bar but they are very filling. I always have one in my handbag or changing bag when I am out and about as a quick, go to snack.

When it comes to snacking I think preparation is key. If you always have healthy snack options with you then you are less likely to fall for the temptation of junk food. Also having a snack to hand will ensure you don’t get over hungry. Being over hungry can lead to low blood sugar levels which makes us more inclined to binge eat. What are your ‘go to’ healthy snacks?

Jess xox
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