BBG week 6, overindulging and starting a Detox?

So it’s Monday 17th July and today I will be starting day 1, week 6 of Kayla Itsines Bikini body guide. I feel like I should really insert a picture of my progress/current shape six weeks into the guide, but to be completely honest I feel like I have overindulged a bit too much recently and I don’t think my current body shape is an accurate reflection of the progress I have made. So I am going to eat super clean this week and I will definitely be doing a progress picture next Monday. Knowing that I have promised to do this is will keep me accountable and on track with my eating! This week I am also testing out  a new product that has been sent to me from It’s a completely natural, organic, superfood energy powder called ‘Mum on the run’ that they have designed for busy mums that need a healthy boost in energy. I made some energy balls with it yesterday that I am hoping will keep my snacking healthy. I will be doing a full review on the product at the end of this week (including any recipes) once I have had a chance to properly try it out …I can confirm that the energy balls are tasty though, so initial signs are good!

Most of my blog posts seem to be me complaining about my tendency to over indulge and therefore ‘mess up’ my fitness goals by eating too much. And I am, afraid this one is along the same lines. I feel like the BBG guide so far has definitely increased my strength. I did one of my kettlebell workouts for the first times since I started the guide, yesterday and I was using heavier bells than before BBG for some of the moves. However over eating and more specifically eating the wrong foods means that any progress I have made is not visible through fat gain or bloat. So today I will be starting a detox of sorts. When you hear the word ‘detox’ visions of celebrity juice diets and meal replacement shakes pop into your head. Or they do for me anyway. I have never tried juice diets or meal replacement shakes by the way so I cannot judge them, it’s just not something that I imagine would work for me personally. For me detoxing is simply giving my diet a spring clean. I want to cut out as much refined sugar and processed foods as possible (notice I say ‘as much as possible’ and not all…I do not work well with too much restriction!) I am going to make sure I am drinking at least two-three litres of water per day, which shouldn’t be difficult whilst breastfeeding, and I am also starting every morning with a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar and honey. I will be devoting an entire post to my love of apple cider vinegar at a later date. For me it’s a health Holy grail…even if it does have an acquired taste! I am also going to be taking some before photographs, measurements, body fat percentage (I have fancy new scales!) etc today which I will compare to my progress by the end of the week. I figure that by telling everyone that I am going to do this I might actually get my arse in gear and do it!

One thing I like to do at the start of each week is write down a list of goals and things I want to achieve, these can be pretty small but it just helps me stay focused. This week my personal fitness goals are as follows;

  • Eat an 80% clean diet
  • Cut down on refined sugar and processed foods
  • Stop adding salt to meals (I am so bad for this!)
  • Drink 2-3 litres of WATER per day
  • Limit myself to two caffeinated drinks per day, no more!
  • Walk every morning…it’s meant to be nice weather all week so I have no excuses!
  • Complete the 3 BBG resistance workouts this week, plus two days of kettlercise Ignite DVD workouts. That means two rest days where I will just complete LISS in the form of walking or HIIT.
  • No Saturday night takeway (boo!)

I think if I can re-programme my thinking and overcome some of my unhealthy habits (adding salt to my meals, eating healthily all day then seeing the evening as treat time and demolishing sweets and biscuits etc) then I will definitely see more progress. Going to do a healthy food shop today and get motivated for the new week! What are your fitness goals for the new week? Any tips on sticking to healthy eating?

Jess xox
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