Working out with a toddler…

So Rafe recently turned a year old which means he is officially now considered a toddler!!! Which is crazy to me. Now he isn’t actually ‘toddling’ yet, he’s still currently crawling (at a rather impressive speed) and ‘furniture surfing’ at a slightly slower and more wobbly speed! Everyone said that once he started moving I would have to have eyes in the back of my head, and they weren’t wrong!

One thing that has become a little more challenging since Rafe started moving around independently is working out. If you have read some of my earlier posts you will know that I workout at home, and do a combination of Kettlebell HIIT workouts and Kayla Itsines bbg. You may also know that Rafe will only nap while I am with him or holding him, so that, combined with our mutual separation anxiety means we are literally together 24/7. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE spending all my time with Rafe and I feel so lucky that I get to do so, but 16kg Kettlebell swings and crawling toddlers are not a safe combination.

When Rafe was a newborn it was pretty easy to workout. He slept a large proportion of the day and I could just put him somewhere safe in his sleepyhead or swing and get my exercise done for the day. As he got older he definitely was more keen on having my undivided attention quite a lot of the time. But I could still just put him on a playmat with a selection of his toys and get a half an hour workout in at a safe distance pretty easily. These days there’s no hope! He will follow me about, climb on me when I am trying to lie on the floor to do crunches or hip raises etc. He sneaks up behind me all the time, and as mentioned he isn’t slow! His form of transportation may be on all fours but he’s so quick! For this reason I don’t feel safe working out with him. Anything exercise that involves lifting a cast iron Kettlebell or swinging it around is not going to be happening anywhere near Rafe. And also with bbg, the exercises such as step ups, which I use a dining room chair for, (improvisation) by the second circuit the legs can be a little wobbly and I worry I will fall on him.

So my ‘gym’ has become my hallway! It’s not ideal, it’s a lot smaller than I would like. But my hallway leads into my lounge and we have no doors on the ground floor of our house (weird I know) so I can partition off the rooms so that Rafe can’t crawl into the hall but at the same time I’m still able to see exactly what he’s doing whilst I exercise…very carefully, so that I don’t accidentally swing a Kettlebell into the wall. I have never been so focused on my form!

I have found as Rafe grows and learns new skills that new challenges arise in our day to day life. Keeping fit is something I absolutely love and am passionate about and I do make getting my workout done a priority in my day because it’s actually the only time I get to myself nowadays. Plus it makes me a happier person and therefore in my opinion a better mum. All that being said Rafe always comes first. I would say to any mums out there who are keen to get fit but don’t know how to do it you don’t need loads of fancy equipment. You don’t need to leave your babies for hours on end. You don’t need to spend loads of money on expensive workout clothes (although I would say have some that you enjoy wearing…helps with motivation!) There’s a huge amount of workouts available on YouTube and going for a walk everyday with the kids is great too. Just try and take half an hour of your day to do something for you. And as you get fitter make the workouts harder, add some weights or do an extra 10 minutes. Small changes and healthier choices make a big difference when you add consistency.

Jess xox

Here’s a picture of Rafes cakesmash on his birthday…just because he’s gorgeous!

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