New year…New me?!

‘New year, new me’ a statement we hear over and over again in January. This year I’m not about creating a ‘new me’, I’m pretty happy with the old me, although admittedly there are a few things that could do with some gentle tweaking! So instead I have come up with a few fitness and non-fitness related goals for 2018. I think having your goals clearly in the back of your mind at all times helps you see the bigger picture on low days and keeps you motivated. I also like to write my goals down, I always put them in the back of my yearly diary (obsessive stationary geek right here!) and then at the end of the year I like to look back and see what I can tick off as achieved.

So here they are, my personal goals for 2018:

  • Cut down the amount of refined sugar in my diet. Refined sugar is my addiction, I have such a sweet tooth and yet eating too much of it is so bad for us. Of course there’s the obvious things that sugar contributes to like obesity, tooth decay and Diabetes but refined sugar can also cause some less well-known health problems including problems with our livers, ageing, a slightly increased risk of Pancreatic cancer and high blood pressure. If anyone has any doubts on how dangerous consuming excessive amounts of sugar is, a simple Google search will tell you all the risks.
  • Drink more water. I used to religiously drink 3 litres of water daily but recently I haven’t been so consistent with the water consumption and I want to get back to keeping topped up with H2o!
  • Complete Bbg 2.0. I recently started Bbg 2.0, I am currently on week 16. Just when I thought things couldn’t get more challenging than Kayla Itsines Bbg 1.0, well they did. Things have definitely been taken up a notch, there’s more weight lifting involved and we are already experiencing much harder moves…pulse jump squats…OUCH! BUT I love it. Bbg. 1.0 already made some amazing changes to my physique (see earlier review post) and I am excited to see what I can achieve with Bbg 2.0. I’d like to complete it twice and then maybe revert back to Bbg 1.0 again, or maybe try Alexia Clark’s programme (if you don’t know who she is Google her, she is absolute body goals!) I follow Nikki Rees (@activelyrees) on Instagram and she has completed Bbg in the past and is now doing Alexia Clark’s programme and she is such an inspiration for me. Balancing being a busy mother whilst achieving AMAZING fitness results whilst working out entirely at home.
  • Get meal prepping again. After singing the praises of meal prepping and how it has played a huge part in me getting back in shape after my baby I’ve really slacked on doing it. I want to start again so that I can ensure I don’t end up eating unhealthy choices and convenience food for lunch (or my toddlers leftovers!)
  • Increase my daily step count. I usually only manage about 6,000 steps a day and I would like to reach a goal of 10,000 daily…when the British weather allows us to get out and about that is.

And some non health and fitness related goals:

  • Read more books. I have so many books (mainly of the self-help variety!) that I haven’t managed to get past chapter one or two of, and some I haven’t even managed to start. I used to absolutely love reading, admittedly it’s a lot harder to find the time these days with a one year old but I’d like to try to start again.
  • Grow my blog. I absolutely love blogging. It all started with a blog that I devoted entirely to becoming a mum that I started when I was pregnant, and although I still love talking about my son and motherhood in this blog, since devoting my writing to mainly about health and fitness and balancing this passion with the challenges and practicalities of being a busy mum it’s become a real passion of mine. I am a long (long) way off being a super successful blogger but the dream is to carry on growing my blog and to see where it goes.
  • Be the best mum I can be. Rafe will always be my main and most important priority. 2017 was such an amazing year, watching him grow from a baby into a gorgeous little boy! And I am looking forward to watching him grow and change through 2018…and fingers crossed we can get him sleeping through the night before the year is out…but I won’t hold me breath on that one!!


Jess xox

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