Bbg 2.0 week 21 update…feeling demotivated…

I generally like to keep my blog super upbeat and positive about all areas of fitness and healthy eating. It was like my ‘happy place’ to document my little fitness journey, and up until now I have felt really motivated the whole way through. But just recently my mood has somewhat changed, and for the sake of being honest I thought I would discuss that aswell.

I am currently in the middle of week 21 of bbg 2.0. Now I thought that bbg 1.0 was hard (oh and trust me it is…) but bbg 2.0 takes things to another level. There are more difficult moves, added weights and there is also now an ‘optional’ (if you are anything like me it’s not optional, it has to be done) full body workout per week and all of the workouts are INTENSE. Now of course this is, on some levels a good thing. The programme has to get harder so that you continue to build fitness and strength and get to see those all important changes to your body. But at the moment I am dreading every workout. I find myself procrastinating and searching for other things to do so that I can postpone having to exercise for as long as possible. Then when I actually get started I find myself convinced that I am nearing death the whole way through. Don’t get me wrong I still feel incredible when I’ve finished. A red, sweaty mess…but an incredible red, sweaty mess!

Despite the fact I wouldn’t say I am exactly enjoying the programme at the moment I still think it’s amazing and I still think that it works and produces great results. I have definitely built muscle completing bbg 2.0 and that’s not something that comes easy to my body. I feel stronger, all my push ups are done on my toes not my knees and I am increasing what weight I am using for various exercises aswell. There is also a bit less of the jumping/intense cardio moves that are a big part of bbg 1.0, you still have jump squats and lunges but there isn’t quite as much leaping about in this part of the programme, which is quite nice and a welcomed rest for the joints!

I think another reason I am feeling a bit sluggish is the fact my eating has not been great. I mean my eating is never that great if I’m honest. My main meals are all generally healthy but I can’t seem to rein in my snacking and evening raids of the biscuit cupboard! Thank goodness I’m still breastfeeding or I think my snacking habits would be a lot more noticeable, but I feel like a bit of a hypocrite advising and giving tips about leading a healthy lifestyle on my blog when I can’t seem to follow it myself at the moment! Because of this lack of self control my abs are no longer as visible as they were when I had completed my two rounds of bbg 1.0 and I am feeling distinctly ‘fluffy’! It’s a bit of a dilemma though because my glutes have improved a lot and I am loving the ‘gains’ in that area immensely! I haven’t really taken any progress photos recently and I think this isn’t helping my mood. I’m just so focused on the one area that I am not as happy about now (abs) that I am not taking any photographs and looking at the bigger picture and the positive changes that are happening in other areas.

Something that has coincided with my rather demotivated attitude to exercise over the last few weeks is my toddler getting four of his molars at the same time!! This has meant sleep has been practically non-existent and for one of the weeks he woke up between 1am and 2am and stayed awake for a good couple of hours every morning! And then was ready to be up for the day between 4am and 6am…this lack of sleep definitely hasn’t helped my mood, motivation or willpower to avoid junk food that’s for sure! There seems to be a much welcomed break from teething occurring now, I know it won’t last long but it’s nice to be back to the two hourly nighttime wake ups (a phrase I never thought I would say!)

Even though I have been finding the workouts hard I haven’t missed a single one, and I’ve been adding in my own Kettlebell HIIT workouts in between and getting my LISS in at least a few times a week so I am still on track. I just know, as always, it’s my diet that is letting me down. My little ‘to-do’ list going forward is as follows;

  1. Take progress photos…or get Richard to take some, and stop dwelling on the demise of my abs and start celebrating the arrival of my glutes…(farewell pancake bum!)
  2. Drink more water. I haven’t been sticking to my 3 litres a day and I think this is making me snack more mistaking thirst for hunger.
  3. Get more sleep…easier said than done but I think some evenings I just need to admit defeat and go to bed at the same time as my toddler (between 7pm-8pm depending on how cooperative/tired he’s feeling!)
  4. Keep focused on my goals. Realistically I have just over three weeks of Bbg 2.0 left and I know how good it will feel to have completed it.

At the end of the day leading a healthy lifestyle and getting fit is a journey. We all have times where we feel super motivated and are loving exercise and times where we just don’t want to do it. It’s how we deal with the bad times that matters. For some people a break and a rest is needed, for others a change in routine can help massively. I was planning on repeating bbg 2.0 straight away on completion of the first round but now I am thinking that maybe a will re-evaluate that in three weeks time and see how I am feeling then. How do you stay motivated when it comes to your fitness goals? And anyone shared my feelings on bbg 2.0? Here’s hoping my next post is about smashing my healthy eating and loving my workouts again!

Jess xox

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3 thoughts on “Bbg 2.0 week 21 update…feeling demotivated…

Add yours

  1. I commend your honesty in this post.

    I love how you convey the reality of your journey.

    You speak from consciousness…as a human being which I really respect.

    It’s so nice to hear in a world full of glossed over propaganda.

    I think posts like these are a true inspiration…as they offer people an insight into the true reality of goals.

    As a soft tissue specialist…movement analyst…and elite performance coach…I just wanted to say keep doing you…and I really enjoyed reading.

    Thanks for the time and effort it took to share.

    I love how you were honest about eating…not many people would have put that down!


    1. Thank you! I think it’s so important to share both the things that you consider to be achievements, but equally the times when you ‘slip-up’. If you only share the times when things are going well it just seems a little impersonal and dishonest. Although maybe I just don’t have as much willpower as some!
      Obviously I am no fitness expert but I like to think that by sharing my experiences maybe I can help others, especially fellow mums like myself!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment.


      1. Love your train of thought.

        You are defo helping others…you are inspiring and paving a way.

        My pleasure…I appreciate you taking the time to respond!

        Think it’s great what you are doing!


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