My week of workouts…bbg week 22…HIIT and LISS…

I thought I would do something a bit different with this post and document this past weeks workouts, the split I use with my training aswell as a bit about my diet. I figure doing this regularly will make me a bit more accountable!

So this week was week 22 of the bbg. It was hard. And I still have the ‘optional’ day to get done tomorrow. Monday was lower body and after looking at what was in store I did decide to make some modifications…or else I feared that the workout would kill me! I did jump lunges rather than weighted jump lunges in the first circuit and then swapped more double pulse squat jumps for tuck jumps and X-hops for weighted step ups in the second circuit. To be fair I think my swaps were still pretty hard…they felt it anyway! I have to confess I did pause my timer a few times during the workout to catch my breath but overall I really enjoyed it, and the weighted close squats left my muscles aching for a good two days. Monday was a good day diet wise aswell. I’ve recently been trying out some of the slimming world dinner recipes. I’m not following slimming world and never have I was just looking for some healthy inspiration. I get in a bit of a rut when it comes to cooking healthy evening meals, usually doing the same boring ones on a loop so it was good to try something different and Monday I made leek macaroni cheese which is made with quark and it was pretty nice…confession time…I did add some bacon…and possibly a bit of extra cheese but hey it was leg day and I’m trying to build a butt!

Tuesday we had a toddler group to go to at 10am and I was determined to get my workout done in the morning or I knew I wouldn’t do it in the afternoon. And I actually got it done! Rafe always gets up early and I managed to get a little 28 minute full body Kettlebell HIIT session done. I make up my own Kettlebell HIIT workouts depending on what I feel like doing and the amount of time I have. I have a HIIT timer app on my phone and usually do 45 seconds of exercise and the 15 seconds rest. And I always include lots of swings for maximum calorie burn and because they are great for toning and getting a real sweat on. Diet Tuesday was clean, I’m eating protein pancakes made with oats every morning for breakfast at the moment… (may do a recipe on here soon) meal prep for lunch which has been two Heck sausages, smoked paprika roasted sweet potato and garlic roasted sprouts (obsessed with sprouts!) and dinner was chilli con carne…made from a packet mix…but I had mine with sweet potato rather than rice.

Wednesday I may have somewhat fallen off the exercise/healthy eating wagon a bit…saw a friend and ended up eating a LOT of cookies and biscuits…and then the other half offered to buy fish and chips for dinner…and I didn’t refuse. I did eat a pea fritter…okay battered, deep fried peas are hardly healthy but still one of my five a day. Wednesday also ended up being a rest day. I just felt really achey and tired and decided to listen to my body and just have a break. Definitely wasn’t the epitome of health and fitness on Wednesday, but it’s all about balance and I need those days where I just eat what I want every so often.

Thursday I was back on it. I got bbg upper body done. So. Hard. I always find upper body the hardest workout of the week. I did have to modify; I did normal, on the toe push ups rather than decline push ups or plyo push ups (I tried one and decided I am not ready for those yet…) oh and I did pause the timer again…this has been happening a lot recently as the workouts get harder! Sometimes it’s disappointing that I can’t do all of the moves yet but I remember when I could barely do a push up on my toes so I have made a lot of progress and maybe second or third round of bbg 2.0 I will get there. Richard was day off from work and we also got some LISS in with a walk to the park and back with Rafe (pic of my little man at the park at the start for no other reason than he’s adorable). Dinner was another slimming world recipe, sweet potato, squash and bacon stew…I added some skinless chicken thighs too for some more protein.

Friday was abs day, I don’t find abs day too hard usually but it’s probably my least favourite body part to train. I just find it really monotonous, I got it done though and also got a good amount of LISS in with a walk to and from Rafes Nanas house. Breakfast was healthy pancakes, lunch was meal prep and dinner was leftover chilli and brown rice…I did eat some Dairy milk chocolate in the evening.

Saturday (today) has been a bit of a write off. Rafe was ill last night so I hardly got any sleep and I am exhausted…being tired always makes me want to eat EVERYTHING! Rafe has been breastfeeding loads aswell so I think my body does need the extra calories but if I’m honest my diet has been a bit of a car crash today. I’m going to get a 20 minute Kettlebell HIIT workout in later this evening and then tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll be doing the ‘optional’ full body bbg workout to finish off week 22 on a high. We are also having a pizza for dinner tonight (I’ve been looking forward to it all week!) but tomorrow I’m planning on keeping my eating clean.

So that was my week of workouts and eating. I am actually (and maybe surprisingly) feeling a bit leaner at the end of this week. It definitely looks like I eat a lot but I think I can get away with it at the moment because I am still breastfeeding. Definitely going to be trying some more slimming world recipes next week (I’m intrigued by diet cola chicken) if anyone has some good ones they recommend please let me know!

Jess xox

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