My week of workouts…

It’s been an eventful week. All three of us have been struck down with illness, Rafe and I quite mildly…poor Richard has been suffering! I genuinely don’t think it’s just a case of ‘manflu’ either on this occasion! Then Thursday we encountered the most snow we have seen here (in the U.K.) for a long time. ‘The beast from the East’ as it was so dramatically named arrived, caused havoc for a few days, and now standard weather conditions have resumed. Cloud and rain. And I have officially completed week 23 of bbg 2.0!! Hurrah! One week to go and I can say I did it! For everyone who has done bbg you will know that you have a right to feel a little bit proud for enduring it!

Monday was supposed to be leg day but I wasn’t feeling great and neither was Rafe so I did a half an hour Kettlebell workout and left it at that. Despite the fact the Kettlebell workouts that I do are usually just as long as a bbg workout, I generally find them easier. I am familiar with the moves whereas with bbg, often exercises are new to me and require more time and concentration to ensure my form is correct. I have an 8kg, 10kg, 12kg and 16kg kettlebell. I first started using the 8kg for all moves, upper and lower body and gradually progressed. Now I tend to use anything from 8kg-12kg for upper body moves and either 12kg or 16kg for lower body and swings. I also have a barbell that I use predominantly for deadlifts. I do have adjustable weights aswell but I tend to use my kettlebells during my bbg workouts as I just enjoy working with them.

Tuesday I ignored my sore throat and head cold and got leg day done. I do think it’s important to listen to your body at all times, especially when you are ill. I would have skipped the day if I had felt too unwell but I personally find working out with a cold actually makes me feel a bit better. I had to modify leg day as I didn’t have a box for the double pulse box jumps in circuit one, and box jumps in circuit two so I did double pulse jump squats and then jump lunges (because by that point I was fed up of jump squats!) For the final round of circuit two I also did tuck jumps rather than burpee tuck jumps…because…well honestly, I thought I was dying! I fully intended to get a walk in, in the afternoon, but we had a toddler group to go to and then shopping to do and it was freezing…excuses…but anyway it didn’t happen.

Wednesday was upper body day and I modified quite a lot. For both drop push-ups and in/out push-ups I just did regular, on the toe push-ups. I’m just not ready or strong enough for drop push-ups and I would rather get a decent amount of reps in of normal ones. I am going to practise them separately though because I know I was being a bit lazy. Although I did actually do the push-ups separately from the rest of the workout. Basically I removed them from the circuits and just did 160 push-ups before beginning the timer leaving each circuit three exercises long, rather than four. I know this isn’t the way to do bbg, but because I am still building strength it can take me a long time to get through the push-ups, and I often have to do them in groups of ten or even five if my muscles are really fatigued. By doing them separately I feel like I can make sure I get every rep done on my toes, and I don’t have to modify by going to my knees. I also got some LISS in Wednesday by going for (an absolutely FREEZING) walk.

Thursday we had a snow day! I was feeling pretty tired and my cold still hadn’t shifted but that didn’t stop Rafe and I bundling up in a million layers and going for a 45 minute snowy walk! I consider Thursday to be my rest day of the week, don’t really count LISS as a workout.

Friday I completed abs, I didn’t change any of the moves but I did the 240 (that’s right 240!!) commandos separately again…and got bloody carpet burn on my elbows for the effort! (Note to self: invest in workout matt.) It was too icy to get any LISS done Friday so I did five minutes of Kettlebell swings (45 secs on 15 secs off) as a finisher to bbg and left it at that. I wanted to do ten minutes but my body just felt too fatigued by that point.

Saturday I did a lower body Kettlebell and barbell workout that I made up myself. It was only around 40 minutes long but consisted of basically constant activity, and very little rest between sets.

And we are now on Sunday and this morning was just a short kettlebell HIIT workout. We may get a walk in later today for some LISS and fresh air. This weeks eating has been pretty good, I haven’t been weighing myself recently and I’ve been pretty relaxed with my eating (lots of carbs!) but I’m feeling pretty lean at the moment. Last night we had a Chinese takeaway and I ate a lot of Pringles but hey it’s all about balance and fingers crossed it will all go to my bum! Also the MOST exciting thing happened this week…Rafe started walking independently! He’s been taking steps between myself and Richard and between objects of furniture for a while now but he’s now officially walking! So that was a proud mum moment. Here’s a picture of my little man in the snow…for no reason other than he’s adorable.

All in all a good week! And next week is my last week of bbg 2.0 and I did it! Eeek! Then to decide whether to go right back to the beginning and do it again…and try and master drop push-ups…

Jess xox

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