I’m getting old!

Well of course I am getting old. We are all getting old, but recently I have really been noticing some signs of old age creeping up on me…or maybe it’s just because I turn 28 next month! But this development has definitely coincided with becoming a mother, which has been the single most wonderful and yet exhausting thing that has ever happened to me. Here are some of the signs I have noticed that indicate my twilight years may be creeping up on me…

  • I choose comfort over style This statement applies mainly to clothes and shoes. I will no longer wear something too tight or freezing cold just to keep up with fashion, I would much rather be comfy…I remember my mother saying this to me when I was younger, as I looked in horror at a particularly horrendous shoe purchase she had come home with. But now I understand.
  • Along the same lines but I don’t care as much what I look like quite frequently I visit the shops with no make up and sunglasses and workout clothes. Do I look like a tramp?! Probably. Do I care?! Absolutely not. If you don’t like what you see, don’t look! I think this attitude definitely comes with age, but I wish I had, had it in my teenage years when I was crippled with insecurity though. *Edit* I’m not quite ready to go both makeup, and sunglasses free outside the house…but I’m working on it!
  • I forget EVERYTHING this has coincided with having a child and not sleeping properly for over a year but I really struggle to remember what I have come into a room for, all my passwords for everything online, words, people’s names…everything really!
  • I find things in weird places around the house anti-bac wipes in the fridge…
  • I love a good moan about everything. Current affairs. The price of food in the shops. Potholes on the road. Rude people. You know the usual middle aged topics.
  • People having parties/ playing music late at night annoys me immensely I have finally got my child to sleep. Stop your fun and shut up.
  • I fall asleep on the sofa sometimes…did I mention I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in over a year?!
  • I enjoy game shows like ‘The Chase’ it’s sad but true. I even try and answer the questions.
  • The thought of stepping inside a nightclub is the most unappealing idea rowdy people, loud music, shoes sticking to the floor…no thanks.
  • I can’t actually remember the last time I was drunk pregnancy then breastfeeding mean I haven’t been pissed in far too long. But I’m definitely not missing the hangovers!
  • I quite enjoy a wander round a garden centre come on who doesn’t enjoy Stewarts at Christmas time?! The decorations, the reindeer….and they always do a cracking piece of cake.
  • I drive like a granny I’ve never been a speed demon by any means, but these days, and with my Rafe in the car, I’m the sort of person you don’t want to get stuck behind when you are in a hurry.
  • Occasionally I take a nap in the day with my child…did I mention I haven’t had a good nights sleep in over a year?!

I’m sure there’s a million more…I just can’t remember them all! I think I found a grey hair the other day aswell, but I pulled it out and convinced myself it was a random blonde…in my otherwise dark brown hair. One thing is for sure, I may be at the tail end of my twenties but I am definitely the happiest I have ever been!

Jess xox

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Photo of my child solely because I believe him to be the most adorable human in existence (bias maybe)…and he’s the reason I am prematurely ageing. But he’s worth it.

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