A little Rafe update…

Hello! I am back in the land of blogging! I wrote a post a little while back on Rafe and some concerns we had on his health after finding some swollen lymph nodes on the back of his head. I thought I would do a little update as to what’s been going on since then.

Well it’s all fantastic news. Rafe had his second blood test last Monday (16th) and we went to see the paediatrician yesterday who examined him and informed us that the nodes do not feel like they are cancerous (they are movable and fairly soft not usual characteristics of tumours apparently). Also they haven’t dramatically increased in size at any point which is another positive sign. The swelling itself has most likely been caused by a virus Rafe may have had in the past that caused the nodes to increase in size while he was unwell. They could reduce back to normal or they may now stay how they are permanently, which isn’t a problem as they are not visible in any way or causing him any physical pain or problems.

Both his blood tests came back completely normal aside from the slightly elevated LDH, which had actually reduced on the second blood test and is also apparently nothing to worry about as often children’s LDH is raised due to how fast they are growing, and unless it’s over 1000 they don’t tend to be concerned. It also turns out that Rafe isn’t and was never actually anaemic, he was just on the ‘low side’ of the ‘normal’ range which is also reassuring.

So all of this combined with the fact Rafe is incredibly active and full of energy indicates that everything is fine. The paediatrician that we saw was brilliant and really thorough and has arranged for Rafe to have an ultrasound on the nodes in a few months, just to be absolutely sure and to reassure the panicking, Google researching mum that I am!

So I am now feeling very relieved and incredibly grateful. Grateful that Rafe is healthy because, honestly, the thought that there could be something seriously wrong him was the worst thing I could have possibly imagined and it’s been a very worrying time. But also very grateful for our wonderful NHS for providing his blood tests and a paediatrician referral. It’s so easy to take it for granted to be able to get a GP appointment and any treatment required without having to pay a thing, but we really are so incredibly lucky to have this service and all the wonderful people who work within it.

Jess xox

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