Getting leaner for summer…Part 2

Firstly if you haven’t read my first post on getting lean for summer maybe check it out or this one probably won’t make a lot of sense. My previous post gave you an idea of my body condition, weight, fat percentage that I am now and my goals for the little mini ‘shred’ that I am doing. I want to talk about how exactly I’m planning on doing it in this post.

First off my goal is to lose a bit of fat but not lose any muscle. In fact I would ideally like to continue building lean muscle if possible and I am also still breastfeeding my toddler, so there will be no dieting and I won’t be restricting myself excessively either. So what am I going to do…well here’s the plan:

  • More cardio the BBG workouts that I do still have some cardio elements to them, although BBG 2.0 is far less cardio orientated that BBG 1.0. But I am going to try and incorporate more cardio on a daily basis. This will be through more walking (aiming for at least 45minutes a day) or some HIIT workouts. I will use The Bodycoach workouts on YouTube for my HIIT. Both walking and HIIT are good ways of getting the cardio in and burning fat without burning muscle.
  • Cut down on snacking I feel like this alone could make a huge difference! Healthy snacks are fine but I need to stop stuffing my face with biscuits! Going to go for fruit, smoothies or a protein shake as my snacks of choice going forward…no more chocolate digestives!
  • Stop eating my toddlers leftovers I don’t really need to explain this one do I?! Shameful I know but I just don’t like wasting food! So no more eating his leftover Cheerios in the morning!
  • Healthy evening treats in front of the telly after my son has gone to bed is when I probably consume a large bulk of my daily calories…and it’s usually in either chocolate, ice cream or something equally unhealthy! I’m not going on enforce an evening snack ban on myself but I’m going to try and swap the junk for things like sliced apple and peanut butter and a low calorie hot chocolate…evenings will really be a test!
  • Start using Lifesum again and increase protein intake I haven’t been tracking calories or macros recently but I have re-downloaded the Lifesum app on my phone (similar to ‘myfitnesspal’ see earlier post for more info) just to get an idea of how many calories I’m eating and to ensure I am getting enough protein from my diet to continue building muscle.

So there’s an outline of my plan. I will be checking in with my weight, measurements and body fat percentage either weekly or fortnightly so we will see how successful I am (whether my willpower deserts me or not!) As mentioned in my previous post if you are looking to get a bit leaner then why not join me? Even if you do no other workouts other than the walking and/or HIIT, this could be a great starting point for some healthy weightloss and a starting point for getting fit. Let me know if you do!

Jess xox

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