Getting leaner for summer…Part 1

Okay so in the UK ‘summer’ tends to just be a brief interlude in the cloud, and this year in particular it has taken a long time to even arrive. Never the less we have hit May and we are finally seeing a glimpse of sun and blue skies…even if it is still a tad chilly!

Naturally warmer weather leads to more minimalistic attire and this can send us all into a bit of a panic! Our overindulgences were much more easily concealed in the colder months but now we either have to expose more flesh or bake under long sleeves and jeans. I am no exception to this, my two tubs of Ben&Jerrys a week habit was being well hidden under baggy sweatshirts and trousers but now that its crop tops and shorts season it’s time to maybe get a little bit leaner…

So firstly I would like to state that I am not looking to lose loads of weight. I don’t feel like a need to from either a health perspective or an anaesthetic perspective, plus I am still breastfeeding so there will be no crazy dieting here. However I would like to look a bit ‘tighter’ and more toned, and lose some of the excess ‘fluff’ that is currently concealing my hard earned muscle definition. I’ve come up with a ‘plan of action’ for my ‘summer shred’ and I’m hoping this blog can keep me accountable…and off of the chocolate!

Firstly I am going to reveal my current measurements (ahhh scary!) but I think that will help me stay accountable and track my progress so here goes:

Waist (Narrowest part): 26 inches

Lower waist (before hips): 32 inches

Hips/bum (widest part): 36 inches

Upper thigh (widest part): 20.2 inches

Upper arm (unflexed): 10 inches

I definitely know I can lose at least an inch off of my waist because it’s where I tend to gain first and I know that the extra inch is likely to be mostly water retention from too much sodium and refined sugar. I definitely don’t want to lose from my hips/bum. I’ve gained a welcomed inch there over the last few months and I want that to stay put if possible. My body fat percentage is currently 17.3% which is fairly low but has increased recently. My aim is to reduce that a little while maintaining or even increasing muscle mass.

I’m currently weighing in at 129lbs now that was this morning post wee and after a cuppa. At 5ft 8 that is a perfectly healthy weight in terms of BMI. My weight has increased around 5lbs since I started BBG (I’ve completed BBG 1.0 twice and I am now halfway through BBG 2.0 for the second time. I’m also lifting heavier weights) my body fat percentage was around 24% when I started BBG so I have managed to reduce it fairly substantially. This is why it’s so important not to worry too much about the number on the scale. I now weigh more (due to added muscle) but the amount of my body that is made up of fat has decreased.

So that’s my starting point for my ‘summer shred’. I am fully aware that I do not need to lose any weight and that isn’t my goal, in fact I really want to avoid loss of muscle mass at all cost. It takes me so long to build it in the first place! But I do want to get a bit leaner if possible. The methods I will be using to do this will be in part two, simply because I always struggle to keep my blog posts short and I don’t want to bore you all!

Why not join me on getting leaner for the summer? Taking measurements and photos of your body is a great way to track progress and keep you motivated!

Jess xox

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