Getting lean for summer: Weekly update…-3lbs

I started the week feeling really motivated to stick to my healthy eating…and I’ve been reasonably successful.

I’ve been tracking my food on the app Lifesum all week (apart from the weekend, but more on that in a bit) and I’ve actually done really well (I know I’m shocked too!) I won’t go into my macros because it differs so much between people there’s no point in using mine as a reference…plus I rarely actually hit them all anyway! But I set my daily calories as 2000, they could probably be slightly lower for faster weight loss, but I am still breastfeeding and I would like to continue to build muscle. Despite not always hitting my macros, my calorie intake has been really good and I’ve cut out the unhealthy snacking/finishing my child’s breakfast, lunch and dinner every time he leaves some!

In terms of workouts I have completed four BBG 2.0 workouts this week (I kind of do my own thing with them now, but I will write another post on that). I also did one of my own kettlebell upper body workouts and a lower body, so I worked out a total of six days last week, and I’ve also been going for walks every day and keeping my steps high. To be honest I rarely hit 10,000 steps being a stay at home mum but the total is usually between 7000-8000 at the moment.

I’ve also been weighing myself every day…a not so good habit, but I couldn’t resist. To be honest because I have been so good with calorie intake and exercise I was expecting to see the pounds dropping off by the day (I usually lose weight quite quickly when my nutrition is on point, although some of that is probably water). So I was pretty disheartened to see that the number on the scale basically stayed the same all week, in fact I think it even moved up a couple of pounds at one point.

So Saturday was my birthday (28 eeekk) and I had already decided that I was just going to enjoy the weekend and not track. Saturday and Sunday involved Reese’s peanut butter cups, Dominos pizza, chocolate cake, lemon cake and Ben&Jerrys birthday cake ice cream (if your haven’t tried that flavour…try it…it’s life changing!) I had done a full body workout on Saturday but took a rest day Sunday.

Today is the following Monday morning and I thought I would weigh myself…just to see what the the damage was and get myself motivated to get back on track with eating…and to resist the box of Reese’s peanut butter cups I have in my kitchen cupboard! And guess what?! I’VE LOST WEIGHT?!! Excuse me what?! It doesn’t really make any sense but my guess is that maybe being in a slight deficit in the week has finally caught up and I’m seeing progress from that. I also think that maybe all the pizza eating gave my metabolism a little kick start again. Another thing that could be affecting it is the fact Sunday was a rest day. I was reading that after working out, especially resistance workouts, your muscles hold more water. Another reason I shouldn’t be using my weight alone to measure my fat loss success. Either way I’m now weighing in at 126lbs, my measurements are pretty much all the same aside from half an inch off of my waist.

So I’m now back to tracking and trying to stay healthy…although I will be ensuring I leave enough calories to have some chocolate or cake in the evening because I personally find having a little treat to look forward to keeps me on track and stops me bingeing. I will also probably have another ‘cheat’ meal on Saturday because it doesn’t seem to do any harm to my progress, and if anything it’s maybe good for the ol’ metabolism…plus I need weekly pizza!

I think maybe I need to change my weigh in day to Saturday morning because even though (by complete fluke) I’ve lost weight this week after a weekend of indulgence who knows if it will be the case every week.

Jess xox

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