No more BBG!

That’s right I’m officially taking a break from BBG. I still think that the programme, especially BBG 1.0 is very good, but I’ve lost my enthusiasm for the workouts and the workout style, and I need to mix things up a bit.

For me exercise has always been something that I have really enjoyed (even the times when my workouts have almost killed me!) but recently it’s become the part of my day that I dread…alongside the toddler toothbrushing time. I would look at what the workout included, and just end up putting it off for as long as possible, and I’m pretty sure I’m the queen of procrastination.

The main reasons I’m leaving BBG behind (for the time being) are;

  • I no longer enjoy the structure of the workouts. The two circuits of four exercises that you repeat. I find myself pausing the timer and having to many ‘rest’ periods between them and not wanting to start ’round two’ of the circuits at all. I may go back to liking it again because I loved it at the start. But I just need a break and to try something different for a while that’s fresh and exciting to me.
  • I don’t like the reps and the timer together. I find myself rushing through reps at the expense of my form to ensure I get them all done. That isn’t the guides fault but it’s just my nature that if it states 20 reps, I want to do 20 reps. 25 if I can!
  • Ab day is so boring! This is just my opinion and I’m sure plenty of people will disagree but an entire workout, just on abs is too much for me. I find abs so monotonous to train. I prefer to add some abdominal exercises in at the end of other workouts or just include a few ab exercises within a workout itself.
  • The moves are very similar in every workout. Don’t get me wrong they are both challenging and effective but I love using kettlebell moves and incorporating exercises that train one side of your body at a time aswell.
  • The thought of finishing BBG 2.0 then repeating it through again made me want to cry. Well not literally but I just knew I wouldn’t want to do it again. No shade on anyone that does repeat BBG again and again. I wish I had that dedication, and I am sure your results are incredible.

So what’s next for me. Well I literally sat down and wrote down all the moves I enjoy…(and the ones I don’t enjoy so much, but I know are doing good) from BBG 2.0. I have left out the ones that I don’t feel are beneficial to me e.g. Skipping, x-hops and box jumps (I have no equipment to do box jumps and no real way of modifying it) etc. I also wrote down different kettlebell moves and other exercises using hand weights and my barbell and then sorted them into the different areas of the body that they work (upper body arms and back, legs and glutes, abs…yes I’m still going to be training my abs). I then just pick some exercises from the list, depending on what area I’m training. This then allows me to change things up every week and makes sure I am still incorporating all the key moves whilst keeping things interesting.

My new workouts include three circuits of three exercises and you repeat each circuit twice. I don’t include reps and just use an interval timer. So 1 minute of activity then 15 seconds rest, this ensures no long breaks between exercises and keeps my heart rate up. Each circuit takes around 10-12 minutes. Then I do at least 10-15 minutes of different ab exercises at the end, meaning the entire workout is 45 minutes of active work. It takes around an hour to complete due to the rest time. I will be doing this style of workout for legs and glutes, arms and back and then full body for three days of the week (probably still Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I will then have one HIIT training day and one shorter kettlebell lower body day (25-30 minutes of work) as I really want to target my legs and glutes. The remaining two days will be rest days and I will try and get LISS in (in the form of walking) as many days of the week as I can.

It takes a bit more planning and the workouts are longer but I’m finally feeling excited about exercising again! I don’t think me and BBG are necessarily over, as I’ve said I still think that it’s an amazing programme and would recommend it to anybody. I may start posting some of my workouts on my blog once I am happy with the structure of them and they have been tried and tested for a while!

Thank you for reading!

Jess xox

PS if anybody was expecting an update on me ‘getting lean for summer’…don’t ask! Let’s just say the weekend consisted of pizza and ice cream AGAIN! I think part of the issue is having a toddler means your weekends no longer involve going out and partying, they involve ‘Britains got talent’ on the telly and a pack of chocolate digestives! I wouldn’t swap this, I love the #mumlife but it’s not always good for the waistline!!! I actually hit my macros today though (I don’t strictly track them, I just thought I would for a bit out of curiosity) and did a killer lower body workout, so who knows maybe I’ll have a progress update soon…if I can stay away from the biscuit cupboard!!

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