A new challenge…starting Focus T25

I’ve been stuck in a fitness rut recently. I gave up BBG a little while ago after I lost my enthusiasm for the programme and I have been doing my own workouts using weights and kettlebells ever since…but I am not really enjoying that either at the moment.

I’ve started to really crave the buzz you get from intense cardio. I know that everybody raves about how much better weight training is for the body, and I do agree it does transform your shape and allow you to create some curves, but I’ve been finding my style of resistance training a little dull. I think the fact I workout solely at home does somewhat limit my progression in terms of lifting heavier and making more ‘gains’. I do have some equipment at home, including various kettlebells and dumbells and a barbell with different plates, but I am unable to squat using this as I do not have a rack or the upper body strength to lift it on to my back without potentially causing myself an injury. I am not for one second saying you cannot achieve amazing results and build muscle and strength while working out at home. You can, and I am sure I will return to resistance work in the future, but for now I am starting a more cardio based programme.

I purchased the Focus T25 DVD’s when I was pregnant with my son Rafe in the hope that they would get my body back in shape after pregnancy, but I never used them. There is a lot of high impact jump moves involved, and this was the last thing that I wanted to be doing immediately after having a baby. Then when I had recovered enough to manage them I found BBG and ended up doing that instead so my T25 box has been packed away, growing dust in the corner of our bedroom. Until now. Today I did my first cardio workout, 25 sweaty minutes that felt amazing! I’ve always enjoyed using workout DVD’s, having an instructor there to guide you and keep you motivated is a great help and it almost feels as if you are actually part of a class. I found my first workout challenging but manageable. I didn’t stop once or use any of the modifiers and I felt great by the end.

A brief overview of the Focus T25 programme in case you have never heard of it (I’ll try and keep it brief…but that’s something that I do struggle with!) The DVD’s are made by the Beachbody franchise and are hosted by trainer Shaun T (and a bunch of super ripped participants). There are two five week phases called ‘Alpha’ and then ‘Beta’ each of which have four DVD’s with five different workouts on them. You do the Alpha DVD’s for the first five weeks, doing a selection of 25 minute workouts five days per week and you do a double day on Fridays meaning you will workout 50 minutes on a Friday…if you don’t fancy that, then you can do one of the workouts at the weekend instead. Then you embark upon the Beta programme which is the same structure with different workouts. The programme comes with a calendar to organise your workouts, how easy or difficult you find them, and also you have the option of tracking your weight and body measurements at the end of each week to monitor your progress. Focus T25 also comes with a resistance band to be used as part of some of the workouts and a diet plan which includes the use of Shakeology products. I think that there is a ‘Gamma’ series that you can do after you finish Alpha and Beta, I do not know whether I will get that or not.

I will not be following the provided diet plan exactly, but I will be using it for guidance, just substituting some of the suggested meals for something similar that I have at home. I will also be using my own protein powder rather than having Shakeology shakes. Seeing as I have only hyperventilated my way through one workout so far I am unable to pass a judgement on the programme as of yet, but I will keep you updated on my progress on here and I will do a full review at the end…if I make it! I will also take before, during and after photos…whether they will be posted or not very much depends on whether I am able to maintain my willpower and stop stuffing my face with unhealthy foods during the programme. Something that I find very challenging!

So as they say sometimes a change is better than a rest and I am certainly hoping that this change will re-ignite my enthusiasm for working out once again! Thank you for reading!

Jess xox

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