Review of the Klean Kanteen Kid classic sport kanteen

Recently I purchased Rafe a Klean Kanteen. If you haven’t heard of them they are a company that produces stainless steel water bottles and sippy cups among other products. The main reason I decided to get one was because I was finding that Rafes plastic sippy cups had a tendency to retain the taste of washing up liquid in the plastic, and consequently make the water taste horrible no matter how much I rinsed them or how regularly I changed the contents. This meant he wasn’t keen on drinking from them (unsurprisingly) and with it being summer here in the UK and the fact I didn’t really want to have to be nursing my toddler everywhere, I decided to give a stainless steel sippy cup a go.

After conducting some research (googling…I googled) I realised there were many more benefits to ditching the plastic and going for stainless steel than I had initially thought. The most important being the health benefits. Toxins and chemicals can be leached into the water from plastics and even BPA free ones are not that innocent. In 2011 research took place that involved more than 450 plastic items designed to carry food or drink from retailers including Wholefoods and Walmart. Most of these products were BPA free, however a massive 70% of them released Oestrogen (Estrogen) like chemicals. These synthetic hormones can affect humans Endocrine systems and interfere with hormone balance and goodness knows what other toxins could be in these plastics. In addition to this most plastic is porous meaning in will harbour bacteria easily so it can be pretty unhygienic. I have to be honest I still use re-usable plastic water bottles myself but I was keen that Rafe would have something better and potentially safer.

Aside from being healthier stainless steel is super durable and can cope with being chucked around during a toddler tantrum! It doesn’t retain any taste from washing or the liquids it has previously held so the water inside always tastes much fresher. And it has insulating qualities so it keeps drinks warm or cool for longer than plastic alternatives. Finally using a stainless steel, re-usable water bottle is much better for the environment, and it has been in the news so much recently the problems that plastic is causing to our planet I am actually beginning to think Richard and I should switch aswell.

After looking at a few different brands I decided to go for a Klean Kanteen for Rafe. We bought him the ‘Kid Classic sport’ kanteen which holds 355ml water. This retails for around £15-£16 and can be found on the Klean Kanteen website and Amazon. It’s definitely been a hit with Rafe, it is small enough for him to hold easily and is surprisingly lightweight. It also has a detachable cap to cover the sports cap that is very handy for hygiene and preventing leaks and spills. It is also dishwasher safe and very easy to clean with or without one…(we don’t have one…it’s one of my biggest regrets haha!) My only criticism would be that it is not non-spill and when the sports cap is up it is pretty easy for him to tip the contents out, luckily Rafe only drinks water so there isn’t any staining.

Despite the fact Rafe is pretty fond of his Klean Kanteen, he is still even more fond of stealing other peoples drinks! So when we are on playdates with his friends he will undoubtedly try to steal everybody elses sippy cup, plastic or not. Toddler logic I guess!

Jess xox
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