The accidental attachment parent

Attachment parenting was never something that I intended to do. In fact if somebody had asked me about it when I was pregnant I wouldn't have had a clue what it involved, and if I had googled what it was, it certainly wouldn't have been something that appealed to me. But here we are, Rafe has... Continue Reading →

My post baby body one year on…part one

On the 7th December Rafe turns one!! One! Where has my baby gone?! And more importantly, why doesn't he sleep through the night yet?!! Alongside all the predictable thoughts that start running through your head as your baby approaches their first birthday, I started thinking about how amazing the female body is terms of its... Continue Reading →

The Potato eating Paleo!

So after being stuck in an unhealthy eating rut for some time now I have made the decision to start following a Paleo diet in an attempt to get back on track, and in the hope that it will allow me to start seeing better results from my training. I have also found that since I... Continue Reading →

Surviving life with a ‘nocturnal’ baby!

My baby isn't actually 'nocturnal' in fact his sleep habits are actually pretty consistent with those of many, many babies, especially breastfed babies. Basically he wakes up every two hours-ish at night, most nights. Occasionally he will do three hours and some nights it's every 45 minutes. But none less it has now been almost... Continue Reading →

Mum on the Run Energy Balls!

Recently Green Goddess health and wellness contacted me asking if I would like to try one of their products 'Mum on the Run' superfood, energy boosting powder. They sent the powder with a recipe for a 'Mum on the Run' energy balls and after trying it out I can confirm they are delicious so I... Continue Reading →

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