New Goals! New Workouts!

Every so often I like to give my workouts a shake up! If I do the same workout routine over and over again I inevitably get bored and then I find myself completely de-motivated and less likely to do any exercise. There's so many reasons (some with science behind them) as to why mixing up... Continue Reading →

Six month Post Partum update!

On Wednesday Rafe was a whole six months old! A lot of people say the time flies by when they have a baby...I wouldn't exactly say that myself! It's been the best, but most challenging six months of my life that's for sure. I thought I would do an update on where I am on... Continue Reading →

Healthy Snack ideas for busy mums

I am a self confessed snacker and if I am not careful about what types of snack foods I have prepared in the house my passion for snacking can result in the demiseĀ of my diet. For this reason I like to have plenty of healthy options within reach to ensure the biscuit tin remains unscathed... Continue Reading →

Dietary Supplements that I use

A dietary supplement describes anything that you take that has a dietary ingredient which is intended to add some sort of addition nutritional value to your diet. This doesn't just mean vitamin and minerals tablets, protein powder, BCAA's etc are all considered a supplement. Supplements should not be used in place of a healthy diet.... Continue Reading →

Post Binge survival!

This post is about when the healthy eating goes wrong. When you intend to have just one chocolate digestive with your cuppa, and you accidentally end up devouring the entire contents of the biscuit tin or when a couple of squares of chocolate turns into the entire family sized bar...come on we have all been... Continue Reading →

What I eat for Breakfast

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I know a lot of people cannot eat breakfast as soon as they get up, but for me it's the first thing on my mind when I step out of bed (after completing the necessary mum duties of course!) Some sources say that eating breakfast 'kick starts'... Continue Reading →

A daily walk

This morning my son woke up at 5am, this is not unusual he usually wakes up between five and half six every morning. I tried half an hour of quiet 'shushing' in the hope that he would be soothed back to sleep. It didn't work so we ended up having another early start. Not ideal... Continue Reading →

Exercise for our mental wellbeing

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't prepared for becoming a mother. I mean I thought that I was, my pregnancy was planned, we had decorated the nursery and purchased all the baby paraphernalia we could possibly have needed and then some. I felt in control, excited and so ready for the next... Continue Reading →

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